2023 Powerlifting Schedule

January 28, 2023

White River High School  

Buckley, WA.

Juan Garibay

Email: jgaribay@whiteriver.wednet.edu

February 25, 2023

NW Christian High School

Lacey, WA

Scott Hollis

Email: scott.hollos@gmail.com

March 25, 2023

North Beach High School

Ocean Shores, WA.

Tami Delu

Email: tdelyu@northbeachschools.org

April 15, 2023

Snohomish High School

Snohomish WA.

Jeff Armstrong

Email: Jeff.armstrong@sno.wednet.edu


May 6, 2023

Shelton High School

Shelton, WA. 

Josh Munro

Email: jmunro@sheltonschools.org

2023 Powerlifting Schedule

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