2021 Schedule


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Updated 03-07-21

March 20, 2021

North Beach High School

Ocean Shores, Wa

Ric Dycus

Email: rowdyric13@yahoo.com

Tammy Delu email: deluta69@gmail.com

April 17, 2021

NW Christian High School

Lacey, WA

Scott Hollis

Email: shollis@johnlscott.com

May 1, 2021 (still pending)

Omak and Okanogan

Omak and Okanogan High Schools


May 22, 2021

Shelton High School

Shelton, WA

Joshua Munro

Email:  JMunro@sheltonschools.org

This year we have made some changes since the COVId-19 stuff. 

First off we have suspended the two meet minimum for qualifying for the state meet this year and this year only.

Second is some school are still on a restrictions we are allowing video lifting for meets. But as of right now that only for the local meets.  State Meet could be different! The board members will make a decision on that after the May 1, 2021 meet.

Third since there is a limited number of people we can have in each gym we will be doing a time block for each school and in the time block the lifters will complete all their lifts.  So if you are bring a team to a meet the coach that putting on that meet will need to know on Monday before that meet how many lifters are coming from your school.

Fourth all meets are required to be wearing face mask which state requires that each face mask must cover the mouth  and noise area at all times

I have 2021 schedule on a PDF file that I could not attach to the web site email me wshspl@msn.com if you would like the PDF file.

Also email me for video instructions I have that in a PDF file which I could not attach that also

Jim Peebles

Email: wshspl@msn.com

2021 Schedule

2021 Season ???

Howdy All we are in works of planning the 2021 season we a had meeting with the board members this last week and had a conference call with the coaches and this is what we are looking at doing this coming season.   The 1st few meets just doing videos of the lifts at your  school.  Then as things open up doing meets but very limited do to what the schools will allow for each location.  We are trying to have a schedule put together by Christmas Break if not have one when Christmas Break if over.   

2021 Season ???